Monday, October 12, 2009


Wow I have totally neglected this blog for a few weeks! But the good news is I have been keeping up with the topics I need to post about – so hear they are:

On September 25th I had my 1st real appt with Dr. Alexis and LOVED her! She spent over 20 minutes in the room with me – which was great – and answered all my questions. I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, literally melts my heart and makes my whole week! The baby was very active moving around during the appointment – I could not see or feel the movement but heard it on the u/s. (12 weeks)

On October 1st I thought I felt the baby for the first time, it felt like a dull pushing in my lower abdomen, first one side, then the other. Not certain, but I think it was the baby moving. I haven’t grown that much this month, pictures above.

Over the weekend of October 2nd I began to feel somewhat better and actually went out with friends until after 11 pm! IMPRESSIVE. I felt a little trashy being in a bar – LOL – but we had a good time playing darts and pool. This week I had 2 dreams that the baby is a girl -= which is strange because all along we thought it was a boy.

October 6th we went to the perinatologist, as usual I was nervous before hand … what would they find, what would I see … Henry was able to meet me there which was great – I wanted him there as much for me as for him! We went in and got to spend about 20 minutes looking at … OUR LITTLE BOY! Yep – he’s a boy. For the 1st 10 minutes we couldn’t really tell, and the tech never would guarantee it, but he clearly had a penis – see pics above - <3. He was moving all around and kicking his legs and arms – it was simply the most amazing thing I have ever seen. He is Perfect. So cool. Henry and I are both ECSTATIC. It seems our every thought and conversation is about baby Zay. His name will be Gabriel Isaiah Wintz, he will go by Isaiah – Zay for short.

We will see him again in 4d on the 24th and cannot get to the next “viewing” fast enough.

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