Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update on Baby

So yesterday I ended up in the emergency room after another sh*&*&ty experience with yet another OBGYN (I have a 1st appt with a 3rd on Monday - story for another post!). My appt I was scheduled for yesterday was cancelled and b/c of the spotting and cramping I was sent to the ER. We were there for nearly 5 hours and Henry stayed for almost the entire time, I was very grateful to have a supportive husband with me - I can't imagine how girls go through this on their own. Anyway, they did an u/s and we saw it heartbeat! It was a strong heartbeat at 144 bpm! It was so cool - we had a colored u/s so you could see the blood go in and out of the heart and pump to the brain. SO AMAZING! I cried and Henry was in awe - he said it was the best thing he has ever seen in his life and I felt the same way.

All my blood work came back normal but I have a UTI - apparently some women are prone to these in pregnancy and I am one of the lucky ones. Honestly I am happy to take a UTI. They gave me a Rx for antibiotic, which after some research I reluctantly have begun taking. It is making morning sickness even worse, but I know a kidney infection could be really dangerous to the baby. So I gues the UTI was the reason for the cramping.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Belly, Drama, Heartbeats and Cravings

BELLY: 1st of all - Why am I so gigantic? One Dr. said it is gas --- but really can gas make you get THAT big. Also, my belly is hard. This picture may make me look a little bigger than real life, but not much - it is BIZZARE. Kind of cool though, you can actually feel my uterous in my abdomen, about eh size of a grapefruit.

DRAMA and HEARTBEATS: Today I have my 2nd appts with the OBGYN although it is the 1st appt with THIS OBGYN. I am very nervous. I have been having some minor "issues" this weekend that cause me a little concern. I hope everything is ok, I have read that if we hear a heartbeat today that is 95+ bpm then there is a 95% the baby will be ok. So, we are hoping for a strong heartbeat. I cannot wait for 1st trimester mania to be over so I can enjoy this baby. I do feel as though I have calmed down alot.
CRAVINGS: On another note - This weekend I had morning sickness for SURE. Nausea, Nausea, Nausea. I also had a funny food moment. We we sitting in a restaurant with my brother in law and sis in law and I had order eggs and toast and once it arrived, it just wasn't doing the trick. I asked Hen if I could have one of his pancakes, and began to eat that ... about this time I happened to glance over at David (bro in law) and he was eating a pickle. It was as thought the pisckle strted glowing with a golden ring around it - that was exactly what I wanted. So I order so pickles and they made my day. So Pickles and Pancakes! LOL.
Then yesterday, I woke up DYING for Lucky Charms. Weird b/c I haven't eaten these since I was about 20 y/o. James and I went to the grocery and while there discovered crab legs on sale. So for lunch I had crab legs and Lucky Charms! LOL. I have to say, it was as though I had been searching for the perfect food for a month and found it in the Lucky Charms!

Thanks for reading. Wish us luck today. Hopefully in a few hours will be a happy and relaxed post. Either way, I'll update.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Enough of Symptoms - How We Found Out.

So enough of discussing my myriad of daily symptoms - suffice it to say they change daily and you never know what you are going to get.

Our "Discovery":

So the last week of July my mom was in town and there were a couple of "red flags" that went unnoticed. In retrospect, they were some pretty obvious signs, but after 2 years of trying and being a relatively hormonal person in general and "symptoms" of pregnancy are part of my regular life. So, while mom was here there were 2 times I ordered food only to have it come and I was unable to eat it. Also, I kept (excuse the language) dry heaving over absolutely anything. And most of all, my boobies hurt so much I actually took an anti-inflammatory! Yet with all of this I didn't even think about being pregnant, which was unusual b/c usually around that time of month I would begin to wonder - in July I did not.

Mom left on Saturday and we had a birthday party for our friends Jeff and Maria at our house that night. I had special requested that Henry try to replicate an Apple Mojito I had while in Nashville earlier in July. Well, he did an excellent job and I had MORE than my fair share of apple mojitos.

On Sunday morning I woke up and felt kind of rough. While sitting on the back porch I started to think about how "late" I really was and came up with about 5 days. I had 3 HPTs inside and decided to take one. You have to realize, I have taken DOZENS of these tests, almost every month for 2 years and never 1 time has it read anything but negative. In fact, I have done it so often, that usually I fail to even look at the test until hours later - at which time I glance at it as it heads towards the trash can. So , as usual, I peed on the stick, set it on the bathroom counter and began to walk away - but some caught my attention - out the corner of my eye, this test looked different ... it had a + sign and VERY clear + sign! I screamed, ran to the bedroom (where Henry was asleep - it was 7:45 am on a Sunday) and jumped on him and screamed "I'm Pregnant" then I began to cry hysterically and fell into his arms (crying again now thinking about it!).

After crying for maybe 5 minutes, I began to think the test was faulty. So, I went and took anoth and again it had a clear +. I asked Henry maybe 10 times if he also saw a + sign and if it was really dark enough - mind you the test couldn't get much darker! Now conviced that the package was defective, I insisted on taking a different type of test. So we got a digital test - which I took and it read "PREGNANT" - I made Henry take a picture of it. At this point Henry is conviced and I am still on the fence a little. We called mom ... I said "I'm Pregnant" her response ... "Are you kidding?". We then told Henry's mom, James and later that day Sarah.

On Monday morning, still not convinced this is accurate, I went to my Dr and they did a urine test - it was positive. Still unsure, I went to a walk in clinic Monday afternoon for a blood test - positive. Still think that maybe I have a weird hormonal abnormality going on making tests show positive, I call my Dr. She scheduled for me to come in the next Tuesday (9 days after testing + / 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant) and she did an u/s and there it was - a little bean. At that point, I became sure ... there really is a VERY tiny baby inside me.

So here we are at almost 8 weeks ... and so far ... so good. Last night I dreamed about the baby for the first time - which was strange b/c I am VERY connected to my dreams. I woke up feeling much more connected and secure with this baby (who I believe is going to be a boy).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weirdest Symptoms

My pregnancy symptoms are so WEIRD. I mean not your run of the mill morning sickness ... I always get the weirdest of symptoms. Like ... sneezing. I mean who knew you could be basically allergic to pregnancy? Well, I am - I sneeze all the time. Dr. says this is normal and also stuffy nose. Today, I have shortness of breath - Like I can't breath even to walk up 1 flight of stairs I am out of breath. Apparently this is because of progesterone increase. Odd. I am happy for the symptoms as they are indicative of my baby being ok - but man o man are they weird.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today's ... Feelings.

So this morning i woke up and had amy new breakfast shake - flax seed, ginger, yogurt, strawberries, banana. It was delicious and no morning sickness today yet. Yay. Maybe it was just a pasing thing.
I am feeling nervous again. Trying to fight it and stay positive. I think I need another u/s by now! I ran into a girl I know this morning who is due next month, she was talking about how she m/c the 1st time before this pregnancy - it just gets me so freaked out. I try to remember, that if the baby is healthy and I am healthy then everything will be ok. It is hard. A client of mine told me - it is the scariest 9 months you will ever experience. Sad, but true. I know worrying doesn't help, and I am working on staying positive.
It is difficult to believe I am really pregnant and everything is ok, when I don't feel or look pregnant - though I do look fat, which is a little depressing - LOL. I am sure all of this is another passing hormonal phase - one which I hope passes soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello Morning Sickness - I've Been Expecting You.

So over the weekend, eating was difficult. I couldn't find the "right" thing to eat, only wanted a few bites and was grossed out by many foods.

Yesterday, things turned around. I had 4 eggs with cheese and hot sauce for breakfast, with a snack of 2 cups of yogurt and a necterine. Followed by an entire package of blueberries 2 packs of oatmeal and an apple. I then went home and ate an entire small pizza and some chocolate and cheese.

TODAY - I believe this is definately morning sickness. Driving to court at 8 a.m. had some yogurt and fruit - could get it down - made me queasy. Had to stop at Burger King and run to bathroom. Continued on to court. Began to feel a little better. Left and driving to work, began to get nauseous. Ate some eggs with hot sauce, that worked ok. Feeling a little better but still queasy.

Hoping this is as bad as it gets. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

7 Weeks

So we are 7 weeks pregnant this week - it is crazy how time flies and stands still all at the same time. I wish I could fast forward until we have this baby here and know he/she is ok. it seems like April is FOREVER away. On the other hand it seems like we JUST found out we are pregnant and yet it has been 2 weeks already. I hope time flies and the baby continues to thrive and grow.

"The big news this week: Hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs — although they look more like paddles at this point than the tiny, pudgy extremities you're daydreaming about holding and tickling. Technically, your baby is still considered an embryo and has something of a small tail, which is an extension of her tailbone. The tail will disappear within a few weeks, but that's the only thing getting smaller. Your baby has doubled in size since last week and now measures half an inch long, about the size of a blueberry."

Morning Sickness

So Saturday morning I began to experience what I am now calling morning sickness - though it really isn't that bad (at this point) and is really more in the afternoon. It feels like I am really hungry, but cannot find any food item I could imagine eating and then feel a little uneasy at the idea of eating any food item that isn't the "right" food item. So, maybe this is morning sickness? Who knows. I do know, my boobies are hurting again today and I am VERY anxious to get back to the Dr. and see this baby.
Henry and I bought some baby stuff over the weekend - a few little outfits (unisex) and a crib set which I fell in love with and could not resist. Pictures to come.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pregnancy Sites

So on my seretary's suggestion, I joined the What to Expect Community Forum that links you with other expecting moms due around the same time as you - it was a disaster and I have now stopped participating. A majority of women on there were constantly talking about miscarriages (m/c) - both past and fear of present. I did not think it was helpful to be so focused on m/c all the time.. I realize it is a fact of life and that it happens more than we like to think about - but in reality only about 15% of the time. I found that everytime I checked that site I was constantly hearing about m/c or hearing m/c talk. It was making me a paranoid mess. So I have quit the site and am feeling much better - I mean you never know what the future hold but can certainly make the most of the present. Anyway, as a result this is now my ONLY blog. Kinda sucks, because there was some good support on the site too, but the cons outweighed the pros. Hopefully, I can get some support on here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy thoughts. Happy body.

So my symptoms have calmed down, I slept great last night and would almost not even know I was pregnant except for the twinges in my belly. Before when this happened I worried, I thought I needed symptoms for everything to be ok, but today I feel fine with no symptoms - enjoying a symptom free day! I guess seeing the little guy wass what I needed. Mom and Henry joked after I saw it I would need to hear the heart, then see ti again, then for it to be delivered to calm down. But, I think just seeing it helped alot. I now finally feel like this baby is gonna be fine and we are gonna be parents in April! Yay.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Night

So last night SUCKED. I was up tossing and turning all night long. And those of you who know me, know NOT to mess with my sleep! Ugh. But even though I slept none -I was happy. It seemed like a fair trade - a healthy baby for loss of sleep. I was hot and cold and HOT and my boobies hurt and were in the way and I had cramps and gas - who knew a baby would give you gas!?! I woke Henry up. I blamed it on him. Then I moved to the couch. Then I blamed it on the dogs. Ahhhhh. Anyways, glad last night is over and hope this baby is happy & healthy. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Dr. Appt and U/S

So Henry and I went to our 1st Dr. Appt today and she did an ultra sound without me even having to ask! Yay! She said everything looked normal - right size, shape, etc. Also, last Thur. my Hcg levels were 680 and to be able to see on the u/s it had to have been 2000 ... so ... my prego hormones are increasing like they're supposed to also!
Henry and I were able to see the "baby" but really you could see the yolk sac. It was really exciting and I am feeling much calmer and happier - hopfully the calnbess continues. I am going to try.
On another note, today is probably the worse physical symptoms yet. Lets hope they stay minimal. I was told by my Dr. and others that aaccupuncture may have helped minimize symptoms - THANK YOU GIOVANNA!
We go back in 3 weeks and at that point the "embryo" will be a "fetus" and all of its parts and heartbeat will be there. I'll keep you posted. :)

Symptom Check In:

So today I am really dizzy, like vertigo. And can't seem to concentrate or get thoughts out.

Boobies have finally quit hurting - they were not bearable last week.

No too sleepy, but weird sleeping at night. Wake up every few hours.

Mild cramping almost every day.

No Nausea. No vomiting.

Minor food aversion at times. Minor queesiness (sp!).
Was very emotional ... last 2 days have been better. But do seem to be a little snappy still.

:) Happy Pregnancy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Things to remeber on the down and worried days ...

So hormones + ttc for 2 years + wanting a baby so much = WORRY! Worried that the baby is ok, that the pregnancy is "sticking" that eveything will go smootly.

So, here is the best advice I have discovered &/or things to remember:
1) the chance of miscarriage is between 15-20% which mean the chance this baby will be ok is 80-85% - that is REALLY high odds. think about it, 4 out of 5 will be ok!
2) if you havn't had signs of a problem, there probably isn't a problem. No bleeding, no severe cramping probably = ok baby!
3) at this stage if there is a problem there is nothing you could have done or can do about it, but if you stress and worry too much you could create a problem - so the best thing to do is send this baby love and positive energy.

These are just some things I have picked up this week in my worry. It is hard to stay positive, but I am trying. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Intro to Us and Blog

This blog is created to track the emotional rollercoaster that is 1st time pregnancy. It is a place to share my experiences and emotions as we go on this journey to meet baby Wintz. (whom we CANNOT wait to meet!) :)

A little about us. I am Leisa and my husband is Henry. I am a 31 y/o attorney, I practice family law with teen parents. My DH (lol) is 32 and is an engineer and in law school.

We just found out we were pregnant a little over a week ago, I am about 6 weeks along right now. We have been trying for 2 years, so this all still seems a little sureal to me and I am not quite sure I believe yet. But, 5 home tests, 1 blood tests and a Dr. urine test later - I am pretty sure I AM pregnant. LOL.

I have been very anxious the last few weeks and nervous, I didn't expect that - I expected to be overjoyed and happy ... but right now I just still can't seem to calm down until I KNOW this baby is ok. I think alot of it is hormonal mood swings. Unlike other I haven't been nasty as much as depressed. I really want to see a Dr. and make sure everything is ok - my 1st appt is tomorrow, so I am excited for that. I am trying to relax and enjoy this ride, I am working on that part.

Symptoms: no Nausea! No stomach issues. VERY sore boobies, weird sleep, some hot flashes, bloating (see picture!), emotional.

Due Date: 4/9/10

I am excited to be a part of this forum and connect with others going through this same amazing and bizzare experience. :)