Thursday, September 3, 2009

Benefits Suck

I found out today that I am entitled to 12 weeks off from work for Maternity leave - sounds great huh? NO. It is all unpaid. I am forced to take all my vacation days and sicks days, which if I take NONE of either from now until April I will have a total of 32 days. 5 days in a work week = 6.5 weeks. So 6.5 weeks of paid leave and anything else is UNPAID. AND, get this, to continue my health insurance I will have to pay my job for my premium each month while I am not being paid.

So, it looks like I will be taking 6 weeks off and then trying to convince them to let me work part-time ... in the meantime I will be BEGGING my mom and Jennifer to stay longer than already agreed so the baby doesn't have to go to daycare. They both already agreed to 1 month each, so 6 weeks + 8 weeks = 14 weeks or 3 months. BOO! I wanted to try and keep the baby home until he is 5 months. Guess a working mom doesn't get to have it all. SUCKS.

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