Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newest U/S

Yesterday Henry and I returned to the hospital for another u/s. The baby measured 8 weeks and 4 days - the due date is April 10th. This seems to be the date that keeps coming back - so we are relatively certain it will be right around then. The baby was growing normally and his (yes I said his, see below) heartbeat was 177! So everything is good in his world. This was probably the last time we will see him for 8 more weeks! Makes me so sad, I would would see him everyday if I could. But, Henry says he needs his privacy to grow and doesn't need to be interupted by u/s every week!

In re: it's a boy. We are just going to go ahead and put it out there - we feel certian this is a boy. I have felt it was a boy since I got pregnant, though I have to admit I would love a girl. Henry became convinced it was a boy at the last u/s. Pretty much everyone feels it is a boy, Mom, my accupuncturist, Mamaw ... except Aunt JoAnne, whom I think is HOPING for a girl. We feel so certain we said yesterday we should just start calling him by his name - but I think we will hold off on that. So we find out in 8 weeks - but until then, something drastic would have to happen to change my mind about my prediction.

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  1. The rapid heartbeat sort of gives it away!!!! pink in your future!