Friday, August 21, 2009

Enough of Symptoms - How We Found Out.

So enough of discussing my myriad of daily symptoms - suffice it to say they change daily and you never know what you are going to get.

Our "Discovery":

So the last week of July my mom was in town and there were a couple of "red flags" that went unnoticed. In retrospect, they were some pretty obvious signs, but after 2 years of trying and being a relatively hormonal person in general and "symptoms" of pregnancy are part of my regular life. So, while mom was here there were 2 times I ordered food only to have it come and I was unable to eat it. Also, I kept (excuse the language) dry heaving over absolutely anything. And most of all, my boobies hurt so much I actually took an anti-inflammatory! Yet with all of this I didn't even think about being pregnant, which was unusual b/c usually around that time of month I would begin to wonder - in July I did not.

Mom left on Saturday and we had a birthday party for our friends Jeff and Maria at our house that night. I had special requested that Henry try to replicate an Apple Mojito I had while in Nashville earlier in July. Well, he did an excellent job and I had MORE than my fair share of apple mojitos.

On Sunday morning I woke up and felt kind of rough. While sitting on the back porch I started to think about how "late" I really was and came up with about 5 days. I had 3 HPTs inside and decided to take one. You have to realize, I have taken DOZENS of these tests, almost every month for 2 years and never 1 time has it read anything but negative. In fact, I have done it so often, that usually I fail to even look at the test until hours later - at which time I glance at it as it heads towards the trash can. So , as usual, I peed on the stick, set it on the bathroom counter and began to walk away - but some caught my attention - out the corner of my eye, this test looked different ... it had a + sign and VERY clear + sign! I screamed, ran to the bedroom (where Henry was asleep - it was 7:45 am on a Sunday) and jumped on him and screamed "I'm Pregnant" then I began to cry hysterically and fell into his arms (crying again now thinking about it!).

After crying for maybe 5 minutes, I began to think the test was faulty. So, I went and took anoth and again it had a clear +. I asked Henry maybe 10 times if he also saw a + sign and if it was really dark enough - mind you the test couldn't get much darker! Now conviced that the package was defective, I insisted on taking a different type of test. So we got a digital test - which I took and it read "PREGNANT" - I made Henry take a picture of it. At this point Henry is conviced and I am still on the fence a little. We called mom ... I said "I'm Pregnant" her response ... "Are you kidding?". We then told Henry's mom, James and later that day Sarah.

On Monday morning, still not convinced this is accurate, I went to my Dr and they did a urine test - it was positive. Still unsure, I went to a walk in clinic Monday afternoon for a blood test - positive. Still think that maybe I have a weird hormonal abnormality going on making tests show positive, I call my Dr. She scheduled for me to come in the next Tuesday (9 days after testing + / 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant) and she did an u/s and there it was - a little bean. At that point, I became sure ... there really is a VERY tiny baby inside me.

So here we are at almost 8 weeks ... and so far ... so good. Last night I dreamed about the baby for the first time - which was strange b/c I am VERY connected to my dreams. I woke up feeling much more connected and secure with this baby (who I believe is going to be a boy).

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