Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today's ... Feelings.

So this morning i woke up and had amy new breakfast shake - flax seed, ginger, yogurt, strawberries, banana. It was delicious and no morning sickness today yet. Yay. Maybe it was just a pasing thing.
I am feeling nervous again. Trying to fight it and stay positive. I think I need another u/s by now! I ran into a girl I know this morning who is due next month, she was talking about how she m/c the 1st time before this pregnancy - it just gets me so freaked out. I try to remember, that if the baby is healthy and I am healthy then everything will be ok. It is hard. A client of mine told me - it is the scariest 9 months you will ever experience. Sad, but true. I know worrying doesn't help, and I am working on staying positive.
It is difficult to believe I am really pregnant and everything is ok, when I don't feel or look pregnant - though I do look fat, which is a little depressing - LOL. I am sure all of this is another passing hormonal phase - one which I hope passes soon.

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