Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Symptom Check In:

So today I am really dizzy, like vertigo. And can't seem to concentrate or get thoughts out.

Boobies have finally quit hurting - they were not bearable last week.

No too sleepy, but weird sleeping at night. Wake up every few hours.

Mild cramping almost every day.

No Nausea. No vomiting.

Minor food aversion at times. Minor queesiness (sp!).
Was very emotional ... last 2 days have been better. But do seem to be a little snappy still.

:) Happy Pregnancy.

1 comment:

  1. So as the day has progressed, I just have to say ... this is my worst symptom day yet I believe. I have had cramps all day. Dizziness has gotten worse and in general feel crappy! I guess I asked for it ... wanting to "feel pregnant". Know what the irony is!? I still don't really believe I am pregnant! lol