Monday, August 24, 2009

Belly, Drama, Heartbeats and Cravings

BELLY: 1st of all - Why am I so gigantic? One Dr. said it is gas --- but really can gas make you get THAT big. Also, my belly is hard. This picture may make me look a little bigger than real life, but not much - it is BIZZARE. Kind of cool though, you can actually feel my uterous in my abdomen, about eh size of a grapefruit.

DRAMA and HEARTBEATS: Today I have my 2nd appts with the OBGYN although it is the 1st appt with THIS OBGYN. I am very nervous. I have been having some minor "issues" this weekend that cause me a little concern. I hope everything is ok, I have read that if we hear a heartbeat today that is 95+ bpm then there is a 95% the baby will be ok. So, we are hoping for a strong heartbeat. I cannot wait for 1st trimester mania to be over so I can enjoy this baby. I do feel as though I have calmed down alot.
CRAVINGS: On another note - This weekend I had morning sickness for SURE. Nausea, Nausea, Nausea. I also had a funny food moment. We we sitting in a restaurant with my brother in law and sis in law and I had order eggs and toast and once it arrived, it just wasn't doing the trick. I asked Hen if I could have one of his pancakes, and began to eat that ... about this time I happened to glance over at David (bro in law) and he was eating a pickle. It was as thought the pisckle strted glowing with a golden ring around it - that was exactly what I wanted. So I order so pickles and they made my day. So Pickles and Pancakes! LOL.
Then yesterday, I woke up DYING for Lucky Charms. Weird b/c I haven't eaten these since I was about 20 y/o. James and I went to the grocery and while there discovered crab legs on sale. So for lunch I had crab legs and Lucky Charms! LOL. I have to say, it was as though I had been searching for the perfect food for a month and found it in the Lucky Charms!

Thanks for reading. Wish us luck today. Hopefully in a few hours will be a happy and relaxed post. Either way, I'll update.

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