Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weirdest Symptoms

My pregnancy symptoms are so WEIRD. I mean not your run of the mill morning sickness ... I always get the weirdest of symptoms. Like ... sneezing. I mean who knew you could be basically allergic to pregnancy? Well, I am - I sneeze all the time. Dr. says this is normal and also stuffy nose. Today, I have shortness of breath - Like I can't breath even to walk up 1 flight of stairs I am out of breath. Apparently this is because of progesterone increase. Odd. I am happy for the symptoms as they are indicative of my baby being ok - but man o man are they weird.


  1. Please call your doctor tomorrow about your shortness of breath. And make sure you're not breathing shallowly. Your baby is almost 2 months old!!!!!!!

  2. You are a very beautiful mommy!