Friday, August 14, 2009

Pregnancy Sites

So on my seretary's suggestion, I joined the What to Expect Community Forum that links you with other expecting moms due around the same time as you - it was a disaster and I have now stopped participating. A majority of women on there were constantly talking about miscarriages (m/c) - both past and fear of present. I did not think it was helpful to be so focused on m/c all the time.. I realize it is a fact of life and that it happens more than we like to think about - but in reality only about 15% of the time. I found that everytime I checked that site I was constantly hearing about m/c or hearing m/c talk. It was making me a paranoid mess. So I have quit the site and am feeling much better - I mean you never know what the future hold but can certainly make the most of the present. Anyway, as a result this is now my ONLY blog. Kinda sucks, because there was some good support on the site too, but the cons outweighed the pros. Hopefully, I can get some support on here.

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  1. Let me say - quit the site might be a little too nice a way of putting it. I was chased off the site my a BUNCH of angry hormonal women. Probably also due to the fact that I told them they were crazy after they took a simple request I made and ran with it like a telephone game until I was made into an insensitive mad woman. Anyway - those girls are nutty and I do not belong on message boards. LOL.