Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Dr. Appt and U/S

So Henry and I went to our 1st Dr. Appt today and she did an ultra sound without me even having to ask! Yay! She said everything looked normal - right size, shape, etc. Also, last Thur. my Hcg levels were 680 and to be able to see on the u/s it had to have been 2000 ... so ... my prego hormones are increasing like they're supposed to also!
Henry and I were able to see the "baby" but really you could see the yolk sac. It was really exciting and I am feeling much calmer and happier - hopfully the calnbess continues. I am going to try.
On another note, today is probably the worse physical symptoms yet. Lets hope they stay minimal. I was told by my Dr. and others that aaccupuncture may have helped minimize symptoms - THANK YOU GIOVANNA!
We go back in 3 weeks and at that point the "embryo" will be a "fetus" and all of its parts and heartbeat will be there. I'll keep you posted. :)


  1. How exciting for you and Henry to be so blessed with having firsthand knowledge of the miracle of pregnant! Your "awareness" will make it much more meaningful and is an experience that never, never, ever leaves you. Now you'll know why I love you so very, very much. xoxo Mom

  2. Can this be saved on the computer somewhere?